Angels Among the Class of 1962

NAME Date Of Passing Obituary
Carol Albin Walker 10/4/2015  View Obituary
Larry Bailey 6/2/2012  View Obituary
Erin Bryant Bains 12/15/2015 View Obituary
Bobby Bibbs 4/25/2004 View Obituary
Melvin Brooks 12/15/2015 View Obituary
Marsha Bruner Hawkins
Geoffrey Bryant 11/24/2015 View Obituary
Sharon Burns 11/4/2010 View Obituary
Ronnie Byrne
David Calkins 11/17/2014 View Obituary
Donald Campbell 7/24/2013 View Obituary
Margaret Carlson 11/3/1993
Lynn Carrico 4/30/2007  View Obituary
James Catalina 1/1/2016  View Obituary
Gary Clayton 1/31/2010 View Obituary
Brenda Gay Coggeshall Jordan 4/15/2014
Marianne “Suzie” Cunningham Tindall 10/5/2016  View Obituary
Linda DeShazo Hitchcock 3/3/2007  View Obituary
John Dillon
James “Grady” Dodd. 08-18-18 View Obituary
Edwin Dossman, Jr. 3/11/2015 View Obituary
Giles Fitzgerald 10/24/2008  View Obituary
John Foster
Anthony Michael Gabrie 9/26/1963
Erin Garwick Bryant-Bains 6/18/2008 View Obituary
John Gay
Joyce Gill Sypert 11-24-2004  View Obituary
Robert Greenlaw 3-3-2014  View Obituary
John Forney, III 12/9/2010  View Obituary
Tommy Highnote 1-5-1993
Glenn Jackson Dec-82
Dick Johnson
Richard Kessler 5/11/2018  View Obituary
Wiley “Butch” Kuna 1/21/2002  View Obituary
Larry Kinnear Laird 12/2/2015 View Obituary
Bob Major
Jeanette Martin Miralis
Robert McAlister 6/16/2011  View Obituary
William McKenney 7/30/2007 View Obituary
Frances Minturn
William Mitchell
Terry Newfarmer 7-3-1999  View Obituary
Jamie Norton Smith  12-8-2012  View Obituary
Ronald Ohsfeldt 6/2/2004  View Obituary
Hugh Porter
Lonnie Powell
Sara Provenzano Portele 4/2/2013  View Obituary
Nan Reno Mills-Powells 7/18/2010 View Obituary
Patrick Robinson 12/2/2007  View Obituary
Virginia Roby Belin 4/12/2004  View Obituary
Bob Rodecap 07-31-2004
Bob Rothrum
Sylvia Sada Eisele 12/18/2013  View Obituary
Paul Saulnier 8/31/2013  View Obituary
Lucy Schieber Allen 9/9/2004  View Obituary
Lloyd Daniel Snow 4-9-2002
Vivian Southerland Hamm 5/15/2016  View Obituary
James Spillane 2/9/2016  View Obituary
Joyce Sypert Gill 11/25/2004  View Obituary
Robert Thweatt 12/15/2015  View Obituary
Robert Waddell Jun-07  View Obituary
Linda Wallace Doan
Rick Wielkens
Carroll Wietkowski  4-8-2004  View Obituary
Sophia Willis March, 2017
Cathie Woodruff Kirsch 3/25/2016  View Obituary

Another Angel Among Us

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