Angels Among the Class of 1961

NAME Date Of Passing Obituary
Joyce Arrington Smith 07-16-2014 View Obituary
Michael “Mike” Traylor Bailey 10-28-2017 View Obituary
Tom Bailey 01-04-2016  
Richard Bearden 11-10-2004 View Obituary
Gary Blume 12-10-2012 View Obituary
Kenny Brauer 11-22-2010 View Obituary
Margaret Ann “Pepper” Burns Naquin 07-15-2003  
Joe Calvert 09-10-2018  
Donald Campbell 07-24-2013 View Obituary
John Craig, III 04-21-2008  
Wayne Dean 1999  
Robert Dorsey 05-01-2013 View Obituary
Barbara Dyal Barritt 12-01-2009 View Obituary
Sharon Eaton Puig 10-26-2012 View Obituary
Gerald Eckenrod 02-09-2008 View Obituary
Allison Clint Edmundson, Jr. 09-30-2010  
Tera Elrod Guderian    
Cheryl English 03-01-1995  
James Thomas Farley 10-26-2013  
Barry Gillingwater 04-02-2009 View Obituary
Walter Glennon 1961  
Benton Gregory 10-14-2005 View Obituary
Reginald “Reggie” W. Grob 09-18-1962 View Article
Judy Holder Thompson 05-18-2013 View Obituary
Judith Holt Dean    
Troy Robert Horton 12-14-2006  
Jane Howe 04-07-2001  
Mark Inabnit 06-08-1997 View Obituary
Robert N. Jones, Jr. 07-04-2011  
Ike Lucas 08/02/2017 View Obituary
Donna Lynch Norris 12-21-1988  
Charles Maiorana 12-13-2010 View Obituary
Marilyn Marek Self 03-28-2009 View Obituary
Barbara Martin Showers 03-18-2016 View Obituary
Wanda McCarty    
Terrence “Terry” Mayo 11-09-1989
Olen Moseley 11-03-2015
George Hollingsworth Meason III 09-17-2007 View Obituary
Robert Mohr 11-03-1997  
Mary Nelson Hatzenbuehler 06-27-2003  
Susan Newkirk Hunter 10-06-2001  
Jimmie Osborne 05-00-2002  
Patrick Peters    
Rosemary Pleasant Stegent 11-03-1976 View Obituary
Leonard Powell    
Jenny Record    
Laura Redman Garner 08-12-2007  
Pamela Ann Sams Contestabile 02-21-2017 View Obituary
Larry Scharff    
Michael N. Shahan 10-01-2008 View Obituary
Nancy Simms Hudson 05-01-2016 View Obituary
Martha Smith Janak 08-28-2010  
Kenneth Frank Stockton 06-28-2012 View Obituary
Harry Turner, II 03-01-2018 View Obituary
Pamela Ware Guess 11-20-2005 View Obituary
Dr. Dawn Watford Youdan 05-15-2006 View Obituary
Carolyn Follis White 06-10-2008 View Obituary
Vernon Wiley 10-13-2005 View Obituary
Stephen Yancey 06-08-2003 View Obituary
Peter Van Yurgensen 05-15-2017 View Obituary

Another Angel Among Us

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