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Below is the first of six articles that appeared in various addition of the Bear Facts.
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Volume 15-Number 9
March 20, 1964
By:  Karen Lumpkin

The Bear Facts staff gleaned some unusual and little-known facts about the Spring Branch school system.  Issues of the Bear Facts dating from 1949 provided the source for this interesting and sometimes amusing information.

In September of 1949, Superintendent H. M. Landrum announced that the total enrollment in Spring Branch schools had reached 1037 (this is approximately the amount attending Valley Oaks Elementary ion 1964).

The Bruin Brigade made its first appearance that same year at a football game between the Bears and the Hempstead Bobcats.  Their brand new uniforms consisted of eight-gore white gabardine skirts, blue and white yacht hats and blue sweaters with white letters.  The 58 pioneer Brigadiers were led by the present hard-working sponsor, Miss Dodd (now Mrs. Elkins).

Thirty students responded to the first call for band.  The first marching band, a 52 member unit complete with uniforms, appeared in the fall of 1951.

The first fieldhouse was a government surplus building from Camp Wallace.  SBSHS was then a Class B school and our chief competitors were Orchard, Sealy, Cypress, Katy, and Magnolia.

Until 1955 Senior classes took an end-of-the-year trip – usually to a dud ranch near Bandera, Texas.  They had to stop the trips because the classes got too big.

Some of the clubs active then extinct now, were:  Wrestling, Folk Dancing, Hunting and Fishing, Photography, Stamp and Archery Clubs.

Last year Spring Branch took the state championship debate trophy.  We have come a long way since a debate team from Reagan High School exhibited debating procedures to prospective students in 1950.

The early yearbooks contained both the junior and senior high students and camp out in September with the previous year’s activities in it.

Those students still cherishing fond memories of the film version of “hamlet” will be surprised to note that English classes in 1950 saw the very same film starring sir Lawrence Olivier for 74 cents.

In the spite of changes, the humor of the past years indicates that it at least has remained essentially the same.  The following appeared in an early issue Bear Facts:

“The Junior stood on the railroad track, the train was coming fast;
The Junior stepped of the railroad track, and let the train go past.”

“The Senior stood on the railroad track, the train was coming fast;
The train got off the railroad track, and let the Senior pass.”

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