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Detention center to open on ‘Branch’ Campus Feb. 1
Bear Facts-December 16, 1980
By:  Steve Bunch

How many times has someone come up to you and asked: “What the heck are those shacks doing behind the fieldhouse?”

Those “shacks” are the beginning of the new district detention center, to be in operation on February 1, 1981. The center will house those students who are constant trouble-makers in major rule offenses.

An example of such an offense is a large cost vandalism charge, such as the one at Stratford where $10,000 worth of damage was done to the computer room.

As the name implieds, the center will serve all the schools of the Spring Branch School District.

The atmosphere will be one of isolation.  Mr. Henry Wheeler, superintendent of SBISD, explained: “the discipline is getting out of hand.  We realize there are mostly good students in the district, so we’re trying to get more of a handle on the discipline situation.  The idea is to protect those good students.”

In the average day at the center, each person will have a cubicle where they will remain the entire day-no talking allowed.  Lunch will be brought to the students, and at the end of the day work will be taken up.

Collected work will be reviewed by the counselors, and then discussed with the student, making sure that all work is done and reviewing all of the day’s activities for the student.

If the assignment for the day is not completed by the student, an additional assigned day at the detention center might be necessary.

So the main them of the center is to isolate the student who is being a problem in hope that the student will think twice before attempting something again.

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