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Below is the Second of six articles that appeared in various additions of the Bear Facts.
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Last Year full of Suprises
Bear Facts-January 25, 1972
By:  Danny Franke

Undoubtedly, 1971 was a year of suprises.  Events took place in 1971 that were major surprises to everyone, while other events seemed to be expected by the general public.

One of the major surproses was the announcement of President Nixon’s trip to Communist China.  Along with this unexpected voyage came open trade with Communist China and the admittance of Communist China to the United Nations Security Council at the expense of the expulsion of Taiwan.

Wage-prize freeze

Another major surprise was an administered wage-price freeze by an administration that swore when it took office in 1968 that there would be no wage-price controls.  After the freeze, Nixon and Connally brought out Phase II, with guidelines for businesss and unions.

Ninteen hundred seventy-one saw a change in our major court, the Supreme Court.  It has gone from a basically liberal to a basically conservative court and this should be apparent in next year’s court cases.  Busing was the major court case last year and should be dropped next year.

Viet Nam down in size

The Vietnam war has wound down to almost nothing in 1971.  In all probability we will be out of there by the end of 1972.  Anti-War demonstrations have wound down t almost nothing also.

Racial problems were on the very small scale this past year with no major riots or demonstrations.  The black issue was a monor one, since all ethic group interests were played down.  More and more people want total welfare reforms instead of deficit spending to support the welfare program.

Youth vote approved

Nineteen hundred severty-one as also a major step for youth was also a major step for youth in America.  The 19-year-old vote was approved by Congress and ratified by the states marking a step forward for youth.

The Nixon Administration has promised that 1972 will be a prosperous year.  After 1971 has come and gone, things look bright for 1972.

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